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How Authors Develop Relationships With Their Fans

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Writing a good book and doing online book promotion are not enough if authors want to develop relationship with fans. Nowadays,  fans expect an author to be out there, meeting and signing books in libraries and bookstores, responding to questions on blogging platforms and microblogs like Twitter, and keeping in touch on Facebook, and the author’s site.  Whether an author is shy or an extrovert, the author has to be sensitive to the need of the readers.  They are the ones who are paying for the book.

Writing a good book takes time. Even coming up with a proper title for a book takes a lot of mental gymnastics.  That’s is on top coming with a proper theme for the book, creating plots and subplots, etc.  If an author devotes that much resource in writing a good book, it is a no brainer that a lot needs also to be done to cultivate relationships with the readers of the book.  After all, the author is writing for them.  To cultivate that relationship, the author must make time for them.  Making time for the readers means meeting them both online and offline and make every effort to respond to their questions and concerns.