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How to Start a Juice Cleanse

The benefits of juice cleansing to someone’s health are enormous and without questions.  In this article, we will simply delve into how to start.  Like everything in life, it takes preparation to juice cleanse.   Buy why juice cleanse in the first place? The reasons is that your body is full of toxins, some are chemicals, like pesticides and herbicides, others are allergens such as mold, pollen or dust, and many others are medications , chemical by-products and so one. Juice cleanse is an alternative healing therapy that helps your body get rid of the contaminants that I just mentioned above.

To start a juice cleanse, you have to decide whether you want to do a 3-day, 7-day or 10-day cleanse.  The most popular is the 7-day juice cleanse.  By the way, if you want more info than is covered in this article, you check out for more information on juice cleanse.

juice cleanseTo Start a  7-day cleanse, you must first devote two days to pre-cleanse.  In the pre-cleanse phase, you would abstain from flesh food (i.e. any kind of meat including fish), tobacco, chocolate, alcohol, sugar, artificial sweeteners, tobacco, caffeine, dairy products, eggs, and wheat. Instead, you would consume fresh and preferably organic vegetables, fruit, and healthy grains, nuts, legumes.  Make sure you drink tons of water and you are allowed to make some vegetable broth with some spices for consumption as well.

I consider days 3, 4, and 5 as the cleanse period.  For Day 3,  you will abstain from legumes, nuts, grains and beans.  You would only eat fruits and vegetables.  Days 4 and 5 are the hardest because you  will avoid any solid food but instead consume only juices, teas, water and broth.

Days 6 and 7 are post-cleanse.  During that time  you would consume what you consumed on the first two days of pre-cleanse. Please note that this is my own system,  Other people may have different cleansing systems.  Whatever system that you follow, I wish you all the best.





How Authors Develop Relationships With Their Fans

Writing a good book and doing online book promotions are not enough if authors want to develop relationship with fans. Nowadays,  fans expect an author to be out there, meeting and signing books in libraries and bookstores, responding to questions on blogging platforms and microblogs like Twitter, and keeping in touch on Facebook, and the author’s site.  Whether an author is shy or an extrovert, the author has to be sensitive to the need of the readers.  They are the ones who are paying for the book.

Writing a good book takes time. Even coming up with a proper title for a book takes a lot of mental gymnastics.  That’s is on top coming with a proper theme for the book, creating plots and subplots, etc.  If an author devotes that much resource in writing a good book, it is a no brainer that a lot needs also to be done to cultivate relationships with the readers of the book.  After all, the author is writing for them.  To cultivate that relationship, the author must make time for them.  Making time for the readers means meeting them both online and offline and make every effort to respond to their questions and concerns.